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SG Buttercup Acres Molly May:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 04/08/2010
Tested G6S Normal

The best buck kid available this year at Adagio Farm is a Molly X Antimony buckling born 1-30-18. He is priced at $500 and may be seen on the “Kids for Sale” page.

Molly is a small goat with a big udder. She has been a problem-free milker through seven  freshenings, and has produced some really nice kids along with all that milk. 


At almost eight years of age, Molly's udder attachment, texture, and productivity are still excellent. She has several daughters and granddaughters in our herd.

In the spring of 2013, the decision was made to sell off most of the herd. Molly was retained, as she had the best udder of all the does. When you're breeding dairy animals, the mammary system is of first importance. Molly's first kids out of Ari were born that year, two very large twins. The doe kid was Adagio Farm's Rosie Buttercup, a really nice doe (see her on Molly's page). That breeding combination produced well for  four years. 2017 saw the advent of the first kids out of a breeding to Wingwood Farm TL Antimony. I was looking to improve stature and head with Wingwood genetics. I’m not disappointed! Molly has been bred to Tim for February 2018  kidding. Her kids will be priced at $500.  

December 2016 Update: Both Molly and her daughter, Buttercup, have just received their Superior Genetics awards from ADGA, as official confirmation of their merit in our breeding programs.


20160708 085128

Six-month-old Nadine

Sold to Bonton Farm

Adagio Farm's Tim's Nadine:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 02/10/2016
G6S Normal by parentage

Nadine was the biggest doe  of the 2016 kid crop. She is an improvement over her dam in width of body and rear udder arch, while showing the great feet, legs, and head of her Saada dam.  Nadine was the most productive of the 2017 first fresheners, milking out of a truly lovely udder. Breeding for 2018 has been to Lonestar Sky Marcus Laurelius.  


IMG 0226

     “Sonja,”  almost twenty months

Sold to Bonton Farm

Adagio Farm's Tim's Springsong:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 03/20/2016
G6S Normal by parentage

Sonja is another of Tim's first daughters,  a large, sweet doeling who stands very wide in the rear.  Considering body capacity, she is the largest of the 2016 does that we retained. She was the easiest-to-milk of the 2017 first fresheners, out of a well-attached udder.  Sonja has been bred to Marcus for 2018 kidding.


IMG 0233

      Pippa at twenty months old

Available as a milker this spring

Adagio Farm's Tim's Pippa:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 02/29/2016
G6S Normal by parentage

One of Tim's first daughters (out of a Molly-Ari daughter), Pippa is a very pretty doe. She is a smaller doe, like Molly, but with good width and breed character.  Her first freshening udder was very pretty. She has been bred to Marcus for March 2018 kids. 


IMG 0202

Twenty-two months of age

Two buck kids available born 2-2-18 - $250 each

Adagio Farm's Sasha Arimay:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 01/30/2016
G6S Normal by parentage

Very like her dam Molly, Sasha is a small goat with an impressive udder. Another solid product of breeding Molly to Aristaeus, Sasha is showing lots of body capacity and rear width, as well as standing wide in front. Her first freshening udder was very reminiscent of Molly’s at the same age: large and round, excellent teat size, maybe a little bit better udder texture. She has been bred to Tim again  for February 2018 kidding.  


20170526 090002~2

Five-month-old Maggie

Available as a milker later this spring

Adagio Farm’s Tim’s Maggie:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 01/08/2017
G6S Normal by parentage

One of Molly’s lovely new triplet does, Maggie  is a bold red girl showing a lot of promise. The “plain Jane” of the three, she was the middle in size (although her sister Micaela has caught up with her) and the leader of the pack. Looking forward to seeing her in milk! She is bred to Marcus for March kids.


20170515 080520~2

Five-month-old Micaela

Available as a milker, with or without her two buck kids born 2-2-18 - see purchase page for more information

Adagio Farm’s Tim’s Micaela:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 01/08/2017
G6S Normal by parentage

Micaela started out as the smallest and most timid of these three triplet does. I liked all three so much that I decided to keep them all , especially considering  Molly’s advancing age. This was the first batch of kids for the combination of Molly X Tim. I love them all! Like the other young does, Micaela has been bred to Marcus for 2018 kidding.


20170803 090416~2

Adagio Farm’s Tim’s Marissa:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 01/08/2017
G6S Normal by parentage

Last but not least of these three litter sisters is Marissa - the biggest at the start and  decidedly the  largest of all the new does. Tall and flashy, she is also the sweetest of these Molly X Tim daughters. She has been bred to Marcus.


IMG 0182

Sold with her single buck kid

Adagio Farm’s Tim’s Jennie:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 01/08/2017
G6S Normal by parentage

Sometimes goats are just born sweet and easygoing. That’s how my Jennie is, out of Bess and Tim. Jennie is another large young doe, with a beautiful head and wonderful breed character. She is bred to Marcus.


IMG 0246

Persia will be available as a milker later this spring. Due to the fact that both Tim and Marcus had access to her when she cycled, her kids will be sold unregistered, unless their buyer wishes to pursue DNA testing at his expense.

Adagio Farm’s Persia Arimay:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 03/07/2017
G6S Normal by parentage

Persia is out of Pippa and Duncan, a line breeding on Molly.  A spotted brown doe like her dam, granddam, great-granddam….in a long line of descent from Molly. I can’t tell much about her yet, other than that her breeding will be to Marcus for spring 2018 kids.


20170602 084723~2

Sadie will be sold as a milker later this spring.

Adagio Farm’s Sadie Arimay:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 04/23/2017
G6S Normal by parentage

Her name tells her lineage. She is the first doe to cross my Saada and Buttercup Acres lines. I called Saada Royal Zariah by the name of “Sadie.” This little doe is true to the high jinx nature of her  great-great-granddam; so it seems fitting to name her Sadie. She will be bred to Marcus for 2018 kids.

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