Saada Royal Zariah - our "Sadie"

Sadie came to Adagio Farm in the early spring of 2013 from Saada Dairy Goats in Cody, Wyoming. Saada names all the goats born in their herd. Our Sadie was named Royal Zariah after her sire, Saada B.B.'s King Koal, and her dam, Saada Bearly Zeta.

From the start, Sadie proved to be one of those spunky, high-stepping goats who has kept me on my toes. Thanks to her antics, we finally remodeled all the hay feeders to goat-proof status (knock on wood). On the plus side, Sadie has a gentle, easy-to-lead temperament, and has been an easy kidder and milker. She is a fairly productive doe in her second freshening, at a little over a gallon a day. Her strengths are stature, feet and legs, dairiness, and strong breed character. 

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