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Pruittville's AM Aristaeus 

20160708 085900

Ari at five years of age

20150818 090345

Ari at four years of age - a big boy

20160708 085919

Pruittville's AM Aristaeus:  

Purebred Nubian Buck
DOB: 03/24/2011
Tested G6S Normal

Out of Pruittville Farm's Magnolia and Apollo, Ari is a beautiful example of years of good breeding.  He has the level topline and rump which is typical of Tim Pruitt's nubians; the soft, glossy coat which accompanies fine dairy quality; and the overall correctness toward which we are aiming in our breeding program. Very sharp and tall at the withers, he is a very uphill and powerful goat.

Ari is throwing udders with excellent texture and capacity. He is dependably producing strong, level backs and rumps, as well as passing on his mild disposition.

Saada Royal Zariah:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 02/16/2013
Tested G6S Normal 

Sadie, as she is called here at Adagio Farm, came to us directly from Saada Dairy Goats in Cody, Wyoming, in the spring of 2013. True to the Saada tradition, she is long and tall, with a strikingly "nubian" look. An extremely dairy animal, she puts everything into milk production.  At present, there are four does at Adagio Farm who descend from Sadie. 

Adagio Farm's A to Z Bess:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 02/28/2014
G6S Normal by parentage


20150803 092432

The oldest of Ari's daughters that we have kept and bred, Bess freshened as a yearling with a very pretty udder. We breed our does to kid around their first birthdays. Sometimes they are slow-growing in the beginning as a result. Bess's growth remained very steady up to her kidding, gaining better width than her mother, as well as an improved udder. Like all of Ari's daughters, she has great udder texture, good attachment and production. For more information on Bess, click on the name above her picture.

Adagio Farm's Piper Arimay:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 02/26/2015
G6S Normal by parentage


20150818 084913

Piper is a Molly X Ari daughter - very much her mother's daughter. Almost from birth, she struck me as the closest replica to Molly that I've seen. She is a small goat with a big, round udder, especially long in the fore. 

Some goats are born thinking that they are in charge. At first, it's endearing. Later on, one has a challenge to persuade that goat that it has a master. Thus far, this has been my experience with Piper. "Personality" is how Cindy Stewart of Buttercup Acres describes this line of goats. 

Adagio Farm's A to Z Lilia:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 02/20/2015
G6S Normal by parentage


20150818 085053

This is a very dairy nubian with a will to make milk. The way I handle my does is rather discouraging of milk production, since I cannot make use of all the milk they produce. Once their kids are weaned, I drop milking to once a day as soon as it's healthy for the doe to do so. This also means reducing grain and alfalfa by the start of summer. Lily, however, just kept producing in spite of all this! She is a first freshener doe with a larger frame than the other does her age. She also  out-milked them in their first freshening. 

Adagio Farm's AZB Portia:

Purebred Nubian Doe
DOB: 03/23/2015
G6S Normal by parentage



Sired by Blissberry V Passion Island, Portia is an outcross in our herd. She is a sweet doe, like both her sire and dam. In 2016, she had her first kid, a single doeling. Her udder didn't show much before kidding, and when it filled, it proved to be high and tightly attached. With a single kid, as a first freshener, her milk production was low, but respectable. I like this doe.


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