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Wingwood Farm TL Antimony *B:    

Purebred Nubian Buck
DOB: 03/08/2015
G6S Normal by parentage

Tim has quite a few daughters in our herd, as of this fall 2017.  Turning three next spring, he is nearing maturity. He is a massive animal whose  strengths are in stature, rear udder arch, front shoulders, and beautiful nubian breed character.  He has the refinement and dairy character that I love about the Wingwood nubian, and it is a great privilege to have him in our herd. 


20160709 101411

    Antimony at one year of age

Adagio Farm's Duncan Arimay:        Sold - $250

Purebred Nubian Buck
DOB: 01/30/2016
G6S Normal by parentage

Duncan is the first buckling we've kept out of Molly and Ari to use for breeding. I love the width of this kid, front and rear, which is one of Molly's strongest traits. It just makes sense to breed from her udder, since it is the udder I would be happy to have on all my does. 

20160708 085741

Duncan at six months of age

This is the first brown buckling that Molly has had; most have been black-and-white spotted. He reminds me of Ari's dam, Magnolia.  Duncan has two daughters in our herd as of fall 2017, Persia and Sadie. 

Lonestar Sky Marcus Laurelius:

Purebred Nubian Buck
DOB: 04/27/2015
G6S Normal by parentage

Lonestar Sky Marcus Laurelius

20150910 083513

Marcus at four months of age

20160708 102419

   Marcus at one year of age

Some years ago, we had the opportunity to work with several nubians from the Lonestar Sky herd. All were large-statured animals, with excellent feet and legs. When Marcus became available as a young kid, we decided to bring him into our herd and try him out. His dam is a favorite doe of her breeders, with tremendous stature, dairy character, and mammary. 

His sire is SGCH PRICE-O-THE-FIELD  ROYAL MARCUS, with an LA score of 93EEE. Marcus is the product of a successful AI breeding. We are so happy to have him in our herd.

20160709 100726

True to our hopes in looking to another Lonestar Sky buck, Marcus stands on excellent feet and legs and carries a beautiful nubian head. This is another really big yearling buck. He also has a great disposition, which is a trait we especially desire. He has been bred to many of our does this fall of 2017. 

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