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In early December 2017, the decision was made to reduce our herd size significantly. Therefore, we will be offering quite a few milkers for sale, sold with or without their kids. 

We do not take deposits on reservations until we have something on the ground to offer. Reservations are filled in the order in which they are received. We reserve the right to retain any animal we feel is necessary to our breeding program.

Milkers are priced from $400 to $700, and are generally made available when they are two months fresh. However, for prearranged sales of milkers, they may be sold from two weeks after kidding. This year, a few bred does are available, as well, priced from $500 to $700.

Kids are usually sold between two and four months of age.  Doe kids are $300 to $450. Buck kids vary from $100 to $400. We offer a $50 discount for multiple animal purchases and to repeat customers. 

Please take a moment to read our "Before You Buy" page.

Breeding plans for the 2018 kidding season are shown below. As things progress, this chart will be updated with more exact dates, any change in plans, and availability.  If a particular breeding interests you, and you wish to be placed on a waiting list for that doe, you may contact us at the above link. Thank you for your interest in our herd.

  • Molly was bred to Tim. She has a buck and doe kid, born on 1/30/18. Kids are $500 and available to reserve.

  • Sasha kidded with twin bucks on 2/2/18. Both bucklings are available, priced at $250.

  • Marissa was bred to Marcus, and kidded a single doe kid on 2-1-18, priced at $350.

  • Micaela was bred to Marcus, and kidded on 2/2/18, with twin bucks. She will be available as a milker for $500. Her bucklings are priced at $150, with papers. They may also be sold without papers for $75, included in Micaela’s purchase.

  • Pippa was bred to Marcus. She is due around March 11, 2018. Kids are $350. 

  • Maggie, Persia, and Sadie will be sold as milkers, due to kid in March and April. 
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