IMG 2604

Molly’s 2019 Doeling - reserved

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Maggie’s big, bold, beautiful buck kid - 2019 - $300

2019 kidding began on January 27 and ended on February 4. Whew! What a week! Six deliveries in eight days, thankfully all live births and healthy kids and udders. 

Most of these milkers and kids will be ready for pickup by mid-April. 

We do not take deposits on reservations until we have something on the ground to offer. Reservations are filled in the order in which they are received. We reserve the right to retain any animal we feel is necessary to our breeding program.

Milkers are priced from $500 to $700, and are generally made available when they are two months fresh. However, for prearranged sales of milkers, they may be sold from two weeks after kidding. 

Kids are usually sold between two and four months of age.  Doe kids are $400 to $500. Buck kids vary from $300 to $500. We offer a $50 discount for multiple animal purchases and to repeat customers. 

Please take a moment to read our "Before You Buy" page.

All milkers are priced at $600. These does are all in milk. Most will be available in April, at two months fresh.

Doe kids are priced at $400, with a $50 discount on each additional animal after the first purchased.

Buck kids are from $200-400. 

Thanks for your interest in our herd!

Micaela’s Single Buckling

Another frosty boy growing fast 

IMG 2316

Available to reserve - $300

Micaela is another two-year-old second freshener. This doe reminds me of her dam Molly in so many ways! Her udder most closely resembles Molly’s at the same age. Carrying a single kid, she showed almost no udder up until kidding. So it was no surprise when she kidded a single. However, she is filling and growing that udder and should still be a respectable producer this 2019 season. 

This is the most timid and gentle goat on the farm. She is easy to handle and milkstand trained.

I love the long lines and conformation of this doe. 

Micaela is available to reserve as a milker, pickup sometime in April.

IMG 2327

Adagio Farm’s Tim’s Maggie X Lonestar Sky Marcus Laurelius twins born February 1, 2019

Maggie’s 2019 Doe Kid

 A lot of Wingwood in this doeling

IMG 2614

Doe kid - $400
Buck kid - $300

Maggie freshened with buck and doe twins. This second freshener made a lot of milk last year, and I expect her to do even better this year. She is very easy to milk. Not the quietest goat in the herd, but at least you always know where she is!

If I had only one doe to milk, it would be this one. Last year I suspected that she would be a heavy milker, and this year is showing that same promise. Her teats are different from the others here; they are narrow at the udder floor, with a bigger, more bulbous teat overall. Sometimes this is the result of a blown mitral valve, but not in this case.. It makes for a very easy milker, as the teat fills fast and milks down soft. Her valves and orifices are perfect at this point. 

Although her kids are on her 24-7, I am milking about three pounds in the morning, at almost three weeks fresh. It will be interesting to see what she produces in this second freshening.

Maggie and both her kids have been reserved.

Last, but not least, Molly May produced triplets for her ninth freshening in nine years. In spite of freshening in a fairly anemic condition, she is feeding all three kids with the ease of a great deal of experience! This goat shows the importance of correct conformation and mammary system. Through the years, I have learned to appreciate the value of strong, well-set legs on a goat, as well as the importance of a well-attached udder. Without this, you just don’t get longevity as a milker. 

Molly has one doe kid (reserved) and two buck kids. Every year I say this: these are the best potential herd sires I have to offer for 2019. More pictures available on Molly’s Page.

IMG 2357

Buttercup Acres Molly May X Lonestar Sky Marcus Laurelius triplets born February 4, 2019

Doe kid on left, two buck kids on right

Molly’s 2019 Buck Kids

IMG 2489
IMG 2350

Molly’s Moonspotted Buck Kid

IMG 2372

Buck kids - $400

Doe kid  - $400

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