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Bess is a three-year-old third freshener out of Saada Royal Zariah and Pruittville's AM Aristaeus. She has her dam's strong nubian head and excellent rear legs. Her udder and disposition come from her sire, along with his dairy skin and coat.

Ari contributed improvement in udder attachment and texture to this doe over her dam. Bess is also a much quieter goat than Sadie, which is another improvement. She is a good producer and a pleasure to milk.

The buck kids out of Bess and Tim were my favorite of all the 2016 kids, so I am repeating that breeding for 2017, hoping for some doe kids!

                                     Bess's 2016 bucklings out of Wingwood Farm TL Antimony

20160225 095230~2

                     Bess pictured below in mid-summer, 2016, as a two-year-old (milked out)

20160716 102926~2

Bess - Second Freshening Udder

20160412 075716

Bess is a quiet, sweet-natured nubian, with some good genetics behind her. She is one of the two goats I've opted to keep in milk for the rest of the 2016 milking season, mainly because I like milking her. Although I've seen and handled other udders out of her sire, Ari, this is the first of his daughters that I have milked longterm. I appreciate the udder texture and ease of milking this doe. 

20150402 192601

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