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Spring 2012

    One-year-old Aristaeus


    Magnolia - Ari's Dam

Pruittville's AM Aristaeus at five years old.

Ari is the son of CH Pruittville's Apollo and CH Pruittville's Magnolia. He is a large, well-behaved buck who is throwing strong, level backs, pliable dairy skin, and well-attached, easy-milking udders. I am most impressed with the udder texture of his daughters, and find them a joy to milk. Ari is a quiet boy, who excels in stature, top line, rump, and dairy character.

CH Pruittville's Magnolia 92EEEE

Ari's dam is a champion doe from a long line of champions, milking strongly  over a long life. She is shown below at nine years of age. Tim Pruitt described her as follows:

"Magnolia is now a very aged doe and is retired but still a beauty in her own right,  still strong on her feet and legs.  Magnolia is my favorite of all the Doctor Luke daughters we have bred.  Her sweet disposition makes her such a delight!  She is always the lady, so gentle and easy going.  Magnolia is a lovely red doe that just glistens with beautiful general appearance who catches the eye as she moves about the ring with an air of grace.  She is very sharp in the withers and excels in dairy character having very fine and pliable skin.    She is deep in the barrel and like most of the Doctor Luke daughters, Magnolia has an extremely wide and level rump and excellent topline. Her udder is well attached overall, having a high, wide rear, smoothly blended fore, and correct teat placement."

Sire: CH *B Pruittville’s Doctor Luke 91EEE SS: *B Price O The Field Luke DD:  GCH Price O The Field Dutch Belle HES90   Dam: Pruittville’s Ivy VG88VEVE DS: CH Easy Stream Mister Charm 88VEE DD: Pruittville’s Crimson Clover .: National show placings :. – 9th place Senior yearling – 11th place 2 year old – 6th place 5&6 year old – 4th place aged doe – 3rd place, 3rd udder at 9 years old


                                                        CH Pruittville's Magnolia

SGCH Pruittville's Honeysuckle 92EEEE

Ari's sire is the son of Honeysuckle of Pruittville Farms. She has earned her superior genetics distinction, as well as an impressive linear appraisal of excellent in all categories. Her rump and topline are especially level, as are so many of the Pruittville does.


Pictured is Apollo’s dam SGCH Pruittville’s Honeysuckle 92EEEE 2nd place 4 year old at the 08 Nationals.


20150818 090345

Aristaeus is a large buck (with a score of 50 in stature - I am standing behind him, and I am 5'7").  He is also extremely dairy, with fine skin and hair.  His first linear appraisal was done when he was five years old, on a very wet and cold morning, under a very strict judge. The appraiser liked his head and back, and gave him an 86VVV.

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