The kidding season for 2018 is now behind us, and we are very grateful for the health and condition of all our does. Wingwood Farm TL Antimony has made a tremendous impact on our herd. These are dairy goats!

Four milkers will be sold in April and May. Sasha and Pippa have been reserved; Persia is available to reserve; and Sadie is sold. All have freshened with beautiful, productive udders and are priced at $500. 

Adagio Farm is located about an hour north of San Antonio, Texas, near the lovely old German town of Fredericksburg.  It is home to the Busshaus family and our small herd of Nubian dairy goats.  We started with Nubians back in 1996; and though we have worked with numerous goat breeds since that time, we now breed Nubians exclusively. 

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        Home on the farm

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Through the years, we have had the opportunity to bring in some excellent bloodlines and superior animals. Good milk goats are sometimes elusive. Our goal is to produce Nubians of excellent conformation and milking ability.  We are working with a select group of does and  sires who are producing consistently better offspring of the type that we would want to find in our own searches.  Our genetics include Pruittville Farms, Saada Dairy GoatsButtercup Acres, and Wingwood Farm.

Our goats kid once a year, usually during the months of January through April. This allows us to offer young kids and a few adult milkers for sale annually. 

For information regarding 2018 kids and milkers, you may contact us by email using the link above. We will respond within as short a time as possible. Thank you for your interest in our nubian goats. 


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